Chinese Made Fun

Chinese Made Fun
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Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world and with China now emerging as a superpower, hundreds of thousands of people are now learning this wonderful language every year. Chinese Made Fun is the first book which allows Mandarin Chinese learners the chance to improve their reading and expand vocabulary skills, whilst discovering about different aspects of Chinese history, society and culture. You will go on a learning journey.

The book contains 50 mini-topics, which focus on a particular period of time, major event, special place or person in the 5000-year history of China. Also included are some quirky and unusual things people will discover on a visit to China ĘC you will learn what makes China, China!

Each topic is beautifully illustrated and written in both Chinese pinyin for lower-level readers and in Chinese characters for higher-level readers. An answer key and mini-dictionary are provided at the back for reference. Each topic is punchy, interesting to read and highly useful to both Mandarin students and teachers. The topics also include a reading comprehension exercise to maximise your learning. These reading comprehension tasks change from topic to topic, keeping them fresh and challenging. There is also a mini-dictionary at the back for reference. This book offers you a totally new and unique learning experience.

I hope you enjoy Chinese Made Fun!

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